Attention Peter Lik Sellers - New Photo Policy - Effective Immediately

Peter Lik Corporation is not allowing Art, Inc. to use any copyrighted photos from the Peter website, printed brochures, magazine ads, books or any of his copyrighted sales tools, for the resale of Peter Lik artwork.

As a result, Art Brokerage is requiring all sellers to take original photos for their Peter Lik artwork. All existing listings must be updated with original photos by June 7th, 2011 or the photos will be removed from the ad and a blank "Photo Pending" will be shown until original photos can be obtained. Original photos means photos of the actual art you have in your possession. The photos cannot be photos taken from other websites, from Peter Lik's company website, or copied from any official Peter Lik source.

Quality photos help to sell art, and this is the most important part of your listing. Please try to take the photos at a slight angle to avoid capturing any glare. Art is best photographed outside in natural sun light. Please pay attention to the details and give us the best photographs you can. We will do our best to make your display special. Phone photos are fine if the phone is new. Better quality 35MM photos from good digital cameras preferred. No polairoids. No old phone photos please.

We need the following information for each listing:
-Main Photo showing entire piece including a close-up of the frame if applicable. Please show extra photos of the details that will not show in a large photo.

-Close-up of the signature and edition number. We post the edition numbers privately for our use only or to quote a client.

-Please photo copy and include the original certificate of authenticity. If you purchased from a Peter Lik Gallery and you don't have a certificate, this would be a good time to follow up.

You may update your listing by sending the photos via email to
or by uploading them directly to your listing from your member control panel. Please reply to this email if you have any questions or need any assistance with photos. We will not discuss this copyright issue by phone or email for legal reasons.

Please do not ask us for any price assistance. We cannot legally assist you with any price information. All price information assistance requests should not come to us. We will do the best to negotiate a sales price for a sale but we do not give price advice.

This is a copyright issue beyond our control. We regret the short notice and inconvenience. We are still the number one for resale of Peter Lik's photographic artwork, for which we have a very high regard. Please check out our 312 listings.

For more information regarding the Peter Lik Corporations new guidelines please contact them directly.

Thomas Black
Technical Director