Douglas Hofman Original Drawings available exclusively through Art Brokerage

These Original Fine Art Pencil Drawings are considered to be the "Key Lithographs" for the artwork identified. The magnificent drawings were purchased from Douglas Hoffman at Circle Galleries in Edison, N.J back in the late seventies, when he was one of the hottest artists of his day, right next to Dali, Erte, Chigall, etc. and many other world class artists. "Lady of Shallot" and the "Silk Wedding Dress or Robe De Satin" both look like perfect photographs, until you get up close. You can see each and every pencil stroke and the detail is unbelievable.. especially the picture inside a picture in the "Lady of Shallot". An incredible lost art that cannot be duplicated today by most!

The drawings were originally purchased for over $20,000 by a prominent gallery owner who is now offering them exclusively through Art Brokerage. They are both up for a great value at this time so our seller can help send his daughter to a great art school.

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Douglas Hofman "Silk Wedding Dress (Robe De Satin)"

Douglas Hofman "Lady of Shalott"

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