Art Brokerage special offering of Mark Kostabi's "Last Supper" Acrylic on Canvas

This iconic paintng "The Last Supper" by world renowned artist, Mark Kostabi, was painted in 1986 is 120x240 inches and was acquired by Hollywood movie producer, Rodney Sheldon, who owned the painting for more than 22 years until it was acquired the current seller in November, 2008. In this painting, Mark Kostabi offers a Magritte-style interpretation of Leonardo's "Last Supper" with tubular dramatis personae, televisions floating in the air and Jesus invisible but for two feet under the table. This monumental work of art may well be the largest painting ever completed by Mark Kostabi.

"Kostabi, The Early Years", published by Vanity Press, 1990, pages 242 and 243. A copy of the catalogue comes with the purchase of the painting. The catalogue is a collector's item in and of itself, and retails for $225.00.

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