Letter from Donna Rose, CEO Art Brokerage Inc. August 30th, 2010

Dear Art Brokerage Community: 30,000 members strong with 22,000 listings for sale from more than 2200 artists!

Now during the Dog Days of August is the time to get ready for the Fall auction season! The busiest time of the year is just around the corner, if you have art to sell the time to list is now. There are still plenty of buyers out there in the marketplace. Marking your listings MUST SELL and lowering the price helps. We need more listings!

1000 new fine art listings in August! For the second month in a row we've received more than 1000 new fine art classifieds!

New Arts Directory!. We are asking all art website owners to link with us, other galleries are welcome too! The directories allow you to place a banner image, contact info, description, and a link to your website on our site. In addition to being shown in the directory pages, directory entries are also displayed on all pages in the members area. This is a wonderful new feature that will benefit everyone involved. If you have't checked it out yet please do!

New form for adding new artists in the members area! Sellers can now request a new artist addition directly from our website by using our ADD ARTIST page. The link is accessable from your member control panel. All artist requests must go through our new add artist system.

Thanks for being a member of the Art Brokerage community!
If you have not yet entered any listings please read more about how to sell.

Donna Rose
CEO Art Brokerage Inc.