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June 23, 2009

California sculptor Leon Richman was educated at the renowned Art Center College of Design in Pasadena. Based in Santa Ana, California, he has enjoyed years of success in commercial art, working with clients such as Disney and Dreamworks. However, Richman’s soul and passion have always been deeply rooted in the finer arts.

Leon Richman began his sculpture exploratory in medium-to-large scale marble figures. His desire to capture the beauty of the human form in all its dimensions soon led him to a more pliable medium, allowing more freedom in the creative process. And now, in the tradition of Italian sculptor, Gian Lorenzo Bernini and French sculptor Auguste Rodin, Richman has created an inspired collection of figurative bronzes.

Richman has made the physical interpretation of the human spirit his hallmark, not settling for a simple duplication of a posing body, but instilling his sculptures with the same passion he feels in their creation. Each possesses its own unique spirit and personality. Richman’s goal for each sculpture is that the piece strikes an emotional chord and delivers a message that resonates with its viewer.

Richman’s sculptures begin in clay. And, with very few exceptions, he employs live models to capture the necessary realism. He will use several models for a single sculpture to portray proper muscle development.

Richman directs each step of the production process to insure the absolute finest work. He monitors every stage, from mold casting and creation of the wax model, through bronzing and application of the final patina.
Spring’s Renewal

The centerpiece of the Richman collection is Spring’s Renewal. This sculpture took over a year to create. Richman brings his art to a new level with the intertwining of six bronze figures, four erect and two lying prone atop the forest floor.

Each sculpture was created individually with the final goal of a group scene. Once all figures were completed, Richman composed the figures into a single sculpture. This remarkable sculpture measures 37” tall and when positioned upon its custom designed black marble pedestal, it stands over 6 ‘ tall.

Flight of Fancy

With Flight of Fancy Richman takes on the challenge of a swinging form and delivers it with the utmost grace. This was an extremely difficult piece because of the unique pose and the limited time the model could hold position. During the initial stage, Richman photographed the subject on a park swing so he could capture the proper movement of figure and hair.

The outstanding Richman collection of bronze figurative sculptures includes whimsical nymphs, athletes, dancers, historic busts, commissioned portraits and more.

Richman's work has been showcased in high profile art publications including American Art Collector. Editors here describe Richman as among the "best and most collectible sculptors on the scene today".

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